Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Wedding!

Hi Lovelies,

I have been promising pics and details of my big day....we'll I had best get them down now before I forget the already sketchy details!

As you all know the lead-up to the big day was hectic and stressful!!
I had organising, sewing, baking food preparing etc..all to be done with a hubby away for work....Eeeeeeek!
Lucky my amazing mummy came to the rescue!

Thursday was spent sewing Addy's dress (most of it anyway)
Baking LOTS of baking!!

Our Dessert buffet menus was...
Caramel Pecan Pie
Vanilla Slice (I still have the blisters from whipping the custard for an hour straight!)
Chocolate brownie (hubby's specialty...and of the 2 batches he made there was NONE left!)
Melting Moments
Banana Bread
Caramel Covered Apples
Toffee Apples (for the kiddos)
Meranges (for the kiddos)
Chocolate Crackles (for the kiddos)
and my mother in law bough
Banana and walnut cake, angle cakes and pumpkin scones!
We had a tea bar to wash down all the cakies (Addy's word!)

Our mains where Wood Fired Pizza's with a top your own pizza buffet! Went down a TREAT!

The morning of the Wedding was raining!! I tried not to stress about the weather and just worked on making miss 8's dress....why did I decide to make them to measure?? Makes it so much harder and time consuming! :/
Hubby was rushing all over town doing last minute bits and pieces....
I FINALLY finished the dress at 1:30pm.....wedding to commence at 3:30.....
guests start to arrive early to help where they can and I haven't even showered,waxed my eyebrows (totally DIY wedding!!) or Anything yet! Arrrrrg!

I shower and attempt to put my hair in hot rollers but it was futile due to the poor weather...Grrrr you humidity!
(I know this is a little gross....but worth a mention as to how bad things were going....I am a breastfeeding mum (2years 3 month GO ME!)....I have not had any "visitors" for  3 years....(with gestation included)....but sure as shit I had a little visitor as I stepped out of the shower!!! OMFG....of all times to make a return....on my wedding night?!
Poor hubby :/ ......

More guests show up and don't want to "Alarm" me but the power has just gone out in Bundaberg and a Severe Weather Warning has just been issued for our area with torrential rain, possible hail, lightning and damaging winds! AWESOME!
Now I start to panic!!

So our beautiful beach lookout ceremony was moved to our backyard just to be on the safe side...
In a panic my girlfriends try to hide our Wood fired pizza oven to make a nice area to say our vows....
oh yeah I haven't written any yet! By now I am being very vague and decision making has been taken out of my hands as people can see I'm sleep deprived and stressed! My girlfriends attack my head with their straighteners to try and get some curl into my hair  mean while the sun is trying VERY hard to shine for me.
They throw my head pieces together (VERY roughly) and whack a bouquet in hands that they had whipped up no more than 20mins before!

Then it dawns on us we need music!
They grab my iPhone and pop it in our stereo and play "Can't help falling in love with you" covered by Chris Isaak......I immediately start bawling!!!

My stunning older daughters walk ahead and my 2 little princesses hold my hands...

I look up and all our guests are crying!

My best friend is our officiant and welcomes everyone and tells them of our beautiful journey together...tears are welling again!
Hubby is prompted to say his vows and I'm glad he wants to go first as I have NOTHING prepared....I want to see what he has to say so I can then pull an amazing piece of romantic literally genius out of my hat!

He proceeds to pull out a piece of paper to in fact read a poem he has written me....so that's what he has been doing on these business trips late at night while I have been up sewing the 80....YES 80 meters of bunting! ;)

A tear hangs on the corner of his eye and he begins to choke up with emotion....I'm GONE!
My hubby is a man a few words and painfully shy so for him to do that in front of everyone was worth all the lotteries in the world to me....How am I going to top that?? But wait there's MORE....he jumps behind the curtain that is hiding the pizza oven and unveils a Huge canvas that has the words of his poem written on it...then he hands us all pain to put our hand prints on it! WoW.....how did he keep this secret??!
He got the look from his friends as if to say..."Man...why have you gone and set the bar so high"!
We did our prints and cleaned up, it was then my turn to speak...and well....I had Nothing! Nothing!
I do remember I said something along the lines of I remember seeing you on the first day of grade 9 and knowing I had to make you mine.....that was my attempt at a poem! LAME! I am pretty sure I ended it saying I loved everyone?!

My 2 oldest daughters then stepped forward to give a speech they had spent weeks preparing for...while I was sewing obviously!
They were AMAZING! There was not a man, woman or child there that was not reduced to a blubbering mess! And their beautiful words showed a side of love and respect that we thought we wouldn't see till they were grown and had babies of their own! Thinking about it still brings a tear to my eye....SO proud!

The sun was shining the whole time!

From here we got into drinks and eating our desserts first....why the heck not? I needed it after the start we had, had!

Lots of our guests that were driving a distance to get home, so they left before dark... before the storm closed in. Which to our surprise it never did! It just provided us with a lovely cool breeze and a heck of a light show that we couldn't have made look better with pyrotechnics if we tried!

Things weren't set up at all like I had planned.....no one really sat at my fancy tables with vintage crochet cloths and china....but they ate drank and were merry....can't ask for more than that?!

We wound it up by 11pm and my girl friends and I showered and curled up on the lounge and watching bridesmaids sipping wine! The perfect end to a perfect day.....Nothing went to plan....just like my life but I like it that way! xxx

We didn't get any of the photos we had planned so we are going get all dressed up again to do a ceremony re-shoot....which I am actually looking forward to....that way I can say some things to hubby that I omitted the first/second time! ;)

Thanks for going on this ride with me....
if any of you are interested all things were handmade and or vintage and our budget came in at $2000 total.
Here's some pics in NO particular order! ;) 


Kylie x

Sorry for the randomness but I have no idea how to move the pics around in context :/


  1. Gorgeous Kylie, what a sweet story! So glad you had such a beautiful day xxxx

  2. What a lovely day you must've had! And af always does sneak back at the most inopportune times ;P

  3. If you ever decide to part with your Bunting I will be more than happy to take it off your hands! It would be so perfect for my Wedding in May! Your day looked absolutely wonderful xx

  4. Thanks everyone :D
    i have been thinking of parting with the bunting..i'll let you know <3