Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And 8 Grahams became 10!!!!

Today was a working day but ended up operation
"make miss 4 smile day"!
Miss S has been very down and teary about the realities of our moving away from friends and family...we are 7 months in to our big move (time has FLOWN!) and she is now old enough to understand that nanny, poppy, grandma, grandad, auntie, uncle and cousin aren't down the road....
And that we won't be going back to our old home or be visiting her old kindy.
So I spent the day researching and purchasing 2 baby guinea pigs! She has been on at me for ages for a guinea pig or her ears pierced....Guinea pig it was!!!
They are SO cute and called frizzle and frazzle! I wanted Cash and Roy but the kids said NO :(
So we have 2 perfect little 6 week old go with our 2 little doggies (Milly and Astro boy)....
to go with our 4 little princesses....that go us....frazzled mummy and daddy!
And we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I hope they last all the "loving" and "attention" that has been slathered on them!!!
I shall show you pics tomorrow :D


Thursday, February 02, 2012

No More Boobies 1 month on

This post if for the lovelies that read my story and had it resonate with them....or if it just pulled at the heart strings!

On the 1st of January  we trialed weaning my miss 27months....she had missed a feed due to all of our new years activities and it hadn't seemed to bother I set out to see how she went (and my boobs) if we happened to miss another day of feeds....or only have 1 feed...
well you know the story!

I have to tell you it was a very emotional ride for me...
I missed that closeness with her and mourned the fact that I would never get that back!
I loved my title of a "breastfeeding mother"..... I wore that badge with honour for over 2 years
(even if people snickered at me!)
It was a hard thing to let go of....

What made it easier is I had a couple of weak moments....Addy was over tired and kept grabbing at my top as I tried to lay her in her cot for her daily nap. She had done this for over a week and I was feeling ever so guilty that I was taking my breasts away from her when she wasn't fully ready!
So with hubby at work (he would have scorned me) as she stood in her cot I let her have a suckle...
she had about 3 sucks on each side and promptly dropped to her knees and dozed off!

We had the same thing the very next I gave her a little bit as a trial...same thing!
I realised she wasn't after my milk but that piece of security and comfort she has always had...I often let her fall asleep at the breast :/

So the next day we had long cuddles and we had a little chat...we talked about how mummies boobies were still there (she would often climb on my lap just to check!) and now we can share them with cuddling really tightly....and she has been known to slip her hand inside my shirt to hold them when she is overtired or stressed :/ 

Letting her know that they were still there instead of saying 'boobie all gone" was a much better option!
We turned a corner over night....both of us! She was okay with it and remarkably so was I!

My milk has pretty well dried up now....and I am left with nothing! (boob wise)
I had hoped for a little more but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess!

Which had brought me to thoughts of a boob job....just to you do your ink cartridges ;)

But as a mother to 4 young and very impressionable who has just hit puberty I have another it just vanity? And what kind of role model am I being for them if I can't accept my body for what it is!

Why does parenting have to be so hard sometimes??!

I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter!!


Our Mama Skirt Comp WINNERS!!!!!!!!!

Hi There Lovelies!

Hope you are enjoying our new look....facebook, bigcartel and now our is our own web site! Eeeep....2012 is going to be big for us! our little mama skirt competition wasn't as huge as I would have liked....but I have decided to make it a quarterly event!
Good for everyone I think....skirts for you and advertising for us!
I'd love more pics and imagination next time PLEASE!!!!! :D

Okay so shall I announce the winners????
or keep stalling??? ;)

Okay, Okay here they are....

The winner of our Mama's in their "Mama's" category is...Drum roll....
Jeni from Handmade Love. with 46+  votes
Here's her entry:

Now for our second category...for those without Mama's (yet!)
And the winner is......Drum roll......
Kristi B from LivvysLoves with 101+ votes!

here's her entry:
If I were to win a Mama skirt, the first outing I would take it on is to this same beautiful park to blow bubbles with my baby girl, Livvy (and then I would wear it as often as I could get away with it ;p)

Congratulations Lovely Ladies!!!!
I would ALSO like to thank those that took the time to enter, It means so much to me that you would love to own one of my skirts! I hope you all enter again in 1st May 2012....the competition will run for a begins as soon as the entries come in so the sooner you get your entries to me the sooner you can start gathering your votes!!!!