Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winner's for the 1700 givaway YaY!

Thanks to the people who took their time to enter our little mama giveaway to win one of these

there was only 14 comments on the blog or directly under the links from my facebook page (those people who could not comment here)
So the odds were good!!!

And without further a are our winners!!

#1 Corinne Cambourne
#2 Ryan & Kristie
#3 Stephanie Rose Hunter
#4 Jessie Webster
#5 Laura

If you have left me a comment and your name is one of those listed above please send me an email to
to claim your prize!

If you would like to purchase a coaster for yourself or you are feeling in a sharing mood and would like to get a whole set I will be sewing some up, and they will be available to purchase through Yumminess Textiles!!
If you are after something in particular to suit your style or dacore please drop me a line :)

Also something else for you all to look out for very soon....
1 rr mama!!

Spring skirts and other nicky nacky's will be available Very soon.
Why not spoil know you deserve it! ;)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

I LOVE Vinnies!!


Just wanted to share with you my newest little selfish sewing adventure!! hehe

I have been VERY inspired lately by vintage and upcycling this has been bough on due to my little visit to a local shop called "from little vintage"( who can be found on facebook HERE)  the other week .....
the whole shop is dedicated to vintage and local designers who use upcycled materials....SO CUTE!

(I nabbed myself this little handmade 50's dress that I am  madly in LOVE with from little vintage)

I have also been asked to do a collection for the shop...which is SUPER exciting for me!!!!! :D :D :D


I have been visiting local antique shops and a couple of vinnies (which I need to add that I think the vinnies workers are on to us upcyclers as I spent more $$ there than at spotlight! :/)

I had some lovely finds

Including these!!

Which I didn't buy but they are in my dreams every single night so if they are still there I think the first one needs to come home with me!

I also found this yesterday...
a linen napkin/place mat/?? thingy!

Which I thought was rather chic and unique....
and thought it would look SUPER cute as a clutch! Which I don't have....that's where the selfish sewing comes in!

This is what I came up with when the girls went to bed last night!


Holds 6 cards

A section for your notes and or phone

Magnetic clasps
cotton lining (from an only night shirt!)
wadding which I quilted with the cotton
so it's nice and stiff but still soft <3

 All sewen together

I am rather pleased with myself!!
a true One Of A Kind!!!
I want to keep it for myself but I know my vegan...recycling aholic sister in law would love it for her birthday next month too....
we'll have to see who ends up with it ;)

Hope I have inspired you to raid your mum's or Nana's linen closets or to drop into your local charity shop!

Kylie xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1700 Giveaway!

Hey lovelies,

Did a little bit of selfish sewing today....
My girls wardrobes are filled with handmade dresses, purses, bags dolls clothes etc etc
but other than 2 plain orange cushion covers my home does NOT look like a seamstress lives there! (except the little bit's of cotton that stick to me and then drop all over the house! Lol)

So I thought I need to fix may also help me get my creative juices flowing again!
Sometimes it is healthy to be selfish!

So I gathered some of my favourite fabrics that I have admired turned into little dresses for your princesses and made myself these!

They are quilted coasters......HOW CUTE!
I had such a ball making them...
and got to thinking....all us mummy's and grand mummy's need one!
I have been also racking my brains as to what to do to celebrate 1700 likers.
So I thought how about I share some with you!!!

If you would like a chance to have one of these little pretties sitting on your coffee table leave me a comment at the end of this post....

I will have 5 to giveaway...

They will be sent may get one that's pictured or not!! hehe...I'm going to make more they were so fun!

Here's my fave in action!

Yes that is a soup mug.......I like tea A LOT!

I'll draw the winners at the end of the week :)

Kylie xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today is a new day!!!

Hey Lovelies,

After a rather large dip in my mood yesterday....I have woken with a new perspective, thanks in large part to you lovely ladies and a visit from my mum.
It has been a little challenging moving away from all my family and friends so to have her here was awesome!

Also a long walk along this beach

With the people that mean the most to me went a long way to helping me decide about the growing my business debacle.

So I have decided I like they way my business is evolving.....Yes there is a BUT! hehe
I have also decided  1 ruby road is in need of a little face lift.

Stage 1.....some nice, proper photography pics of my new spring designs...either by me (if I am feeling confident and if I ever uncover my camera from the dozen boxes I have yet to unpack) or professional??
*ANY tips on photo editing are very much appreciated!

Stage 2....Facebook makeover...finally a welcome page with links to my blog and store

Stage 3..... possibly a little sprucing of this blog to make it look a little better and more user friendly.. with      links to my bigcartel and madeit. It will make it easier for you all to navigate around here too :)

Stage 4....To get some different woven labels

Stage 5.... work some more on a charity idea I have for 1 ruby road

Stage 6.... possibly attend some markets if I feel I can handle it!

These are my goals.....I am going to try and get through all of them as best I can mentally and like most of the WAHM's out there I'm sure, I don't make much money from 1 RR...... Actually it owes me!
So if you have any advice, tips or know of people that I may be able to get to help (that don't charge like a wounded bull!!)  it would be much appreciated!

And Finally....
I will be adding my creations as they become available (ie. hot off the sewing machine needle)and will try to offer as many custom slots as I can handle.......

But you've seen the beach I live on......
I'd rather be playing there with my kids and VERY understanding husband on the weekends rather than slaving over my sewing machines!!!

Big Love to you all

Kylie  xx

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Morning Everyone :D

I have been busy cleaning 1000 tiny hand prints off my walls, windows, mirrors and doors today and got to thinking.......
1 ruby road turns 1 at the end of October and where is it heading??

(sorry in advance....for my analogy on streets!)
The small lane way which is 1 ruby road has grown more into a busy little street and has even developed a few hairpins bends along the way! (hehe)
But as most things it life it has also developed a cross road :/

I think it was under construction in April/May when I had my 1st market and then 3 weeks off....
The directions it could take are turn left back into a side ally hidden away OR
turn right onto a highway.....where there's Fast moving traffic and semi trailers!

I am stuck!

If I go left....which is where my head space is half the time......because I feel like I have not only just lost my sewjo....but my drive...and dare I say passion??

If I go right....I have to jump back on that work horse (and spend far to many hours on FB)  and PUSH...PUSH...PUSH..(which is hard for me as I am a Very quiet achiever) Also I have to step things up and spend quite A Lot of $$ to brand 1 ruby road properly and make sure it has all the bells and whistles a small business requires!

I wish I wasn't a Gemini.....can never decide!

I see other businesses that were established well after 1 ruby road surging ahead....and I can't help but feel left behind sometimes....
And on the other hand I think the less I'm noticed the less likely I am to be bought into the chaos that is facebook and the less orders I have to stress about!  ;)

As I read this back It sounds rather depressing!
Maybe that's it??
With the turmoil that has been going on in the last few months here maybe I've built a nice little rut and am finding it hard to pull myself out of or maybe from time to time I  see a black dog following me?

I don't know?!

I'd LOVE to hear from other small /hobby businesses about making the decision to turn their Hobby into a thriving little WAHM business.

Sorry this post isn't funny or witty and is just ramblings really......but I have no one else to talk to :)

Yours Faithfully

Kylie xx

And a big thank you to those 1 ruby road supporters that keep coming back.....even if not to purchase but to pop in and say Hi....and give me a pat on the back or advice when I need it most! Big <3 to you!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New BFF! hehe

Morning everyone!

I have been having a rather horrible week (so far as it's only Tuesday!) It feels like it should be a Friday though....

Miss A is still sporting a chest infection and angry nappy rash from the bought of gastro over the weekend and miss S has the vomits and wee'd the bed! :/
(as if a mummy of 4 didn't have enough to clean!)


Things are looking a little brighter this morning (even after the cleanups!)
I had a lovely visit from the Census delivery lady.
She was dropping the forms to our area and asked the usual questions they the census deliver form people do....

Q: How many Males permanently residing  at this address?
A: 1

Q: How many Females permanently residing at this address?

From here is where it could have gone either way with her response.....
It could have been the usual "Oh Poor Daddy" or the "haven't you got a tv"?? as if I've never heard that old chestnut before!

But no it went like this.....

Her: 5??
me:  Yes....that's right...5 including me...4 of those are little girls.
Her:  Are they all yours? (which I get asked quite often!)
Me:  YES! Lol
Her:  Oh, I would never have look far to young!
        I wouldn't have thought you were over 18 dear!
Me: Oh really? Get outta town!!!
(I was standing in my mismatched pj's...after I asked hubby last night to get me a matching set from the MASSIVE folding pile. I had a feeling I was going to get caught in my pj's and wanted to look my best! hair looking like I've just stood in a wind tunnel, eyebrows looking bushier than the those on the beasts from where the wild things are and probably weetbix in my teeth!)

Anyhoo....I officially LOVE Glennis (Census lady).....she is my new BFF!

I am looking forward to our next catch up next week! (when she collects my forms) ;)

Ah well back to reality!

Also just a reminder to you good folk that the Ga-Ga Gifts Giveaway is still going on with $1500 worth of prizes up for grabs!
Make sure you're in it to win it!!!!!

Love Kylie