Saturday, January 07, 2012

day 6 of no boobie

Hi Ya Lovelies,

Just wanted to check in with you all after my blog post called "bye bye boobie".
it's day 6 of NO boobie and mummy is still not engorged....
That's great news! or is it? :(
Addy has been asking here and there (everyday) for her boobie and jumping up on my lap pretty regularly and having a quick peek as if to see if they are still there!
She has even offered me hers!

With this new revelation of me no longer being a breastfeeding, never put it like that....excuse me as I go and have a sob! I liked saying I'm a breastfeeding mother!!!

Not being a breastfeeding mother means I can have the odd glass or 2 of moscato if i choose...
But not feeding means I have to make some adjustments in my diet. As you may well know I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth...and an apple pie (single pie...not the whole thing!) and bowl of custard per night addiction.
I have a pretty high metabolism but along with breastfeeding I was lucky any extra calories I consumed...(and there were A LOT!) got burned right up!

I now have to start to watch my intake.....B*&%#, Bugger, BUM!

Another thing...which is only a vanity thing and I'm a little embarrassed to admit...but
I wanted to get some sexy pin up style pics for my 30th to give to hubby....before I stopped feeding...
right BEFORE a feed! So although they may have been veiny (photo shop editing YAY!) they (my boobies) would be FULL...literally.... not flip em, flop em! Not that they were ever big enough to really do that anyway...they are more of a smear on my chest now!!
VERY sexy.... :/

Oh well I wonder can I have boobies photo shopped onto my body? Not to big...not to small...Miranda Kerr size would be perfect! Actually the body too....maybe they could just superimpose my head onto her body?? Minus the wrinkles?! and teeth whitened after my copious amounts of English breakfast tea drinking!

Blah.....I'll just get him a playboy! (not really)

Day 6 and 7 of grateful

So...I have a couple of things to be grateful for...(yesterday and today)
and no they aren't that I'm no longer a breastfeeding mother...I think that may take a long while for me to be grateful for that!

They are the beach...
I am grateful for it's beauty, it's power, how it can make people happy without even trying.
 I am grateful that that when I walk along it's shore it shares it's treasures with me and the other people who are walking along it share a smile and hello with me too.
I am SUPER grateful that this is one of the beaches in close proximity to our new house.


I am grateful for fruit...sensory overload...looks amazing...smells totally amazing,
 and the taste...heaven.
I am grateful my girls appreciate fresh fruit as much as me!

PLEASE don't forget to get your entries into our photo competition in ASAP!

         Kylie xx

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