Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey yall!

Before I go ahead with my listings tonight I just want to say THANKS for being here!!! <3

Next....there are a few already to go the 28" and 30" sizing. I planned to have a couple of each size but the flu and current orders made that impossible :(

Next thing is after MUCH deliberation and a meeting with our financial advise I have been told I need to increase my skirt prices (If we ever want to buy a new home!)
This HURT me as I am a mummy and a mummy on a budget so I have been keeping my cost down as low as I can so my designs are affordable for everyone.
But Mr money broke it all down and told me that $4 per hour is all I am earning so I need to up my prices or look for a grown up's job :( :( :(

So I have had to regretfully put my prices up to $55 per skirt....each skirt takes me a minimum of 3hrs.
I'm sorry that I am not the quickest of sewers.... and I have a fetish for the premium fabrics!!!

So there you have it....I will continue to keep my postage as low as possible...and all skirts will continued to be posted with registration for $6.

Hope you all understand

Ky xxx

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