Thursday, January 05, 2012

being grateful

Hi ya lovelies,

After the topsy tervy year we had last losses, moving away from family and friends, new jobs, schools, daycare, broken everything....including my wrist! I was feeling pretty cruddy at times!

But after by chance switching on the telly to sunrise this morning (I NEVER watch daytime TV!)
Divine intervention?? I came across a segment on 365 days of grateful.
I LOVE the idea!
I have a LOT to be grateful for but with the drudgery I fail to see it sometimes!
So while a lot of you are doing a photo challenge this year I am doing the 361 days (minus the 5 days into the year and the extra 1 for the leap year!) of grateful, a photo blog!
HERE 's the link to the original's SO inspirational!

I am determined to view this year in a different light and be GRATEFUL for the small things!

So who's with me??

I am always going to be grateful for my children....that's a given!

*I am grateful that my children are the best of friends <3

*I am grateful for is so calming and good for the soul.
Green to me means life...our palms have come back to life after the last lot of rain we got
(our wedding!)
Green is my most fave colour EVER
This is what I look at from my sewing room window...
it's simple and inspires me :)

Till Tomorrow

Day 4 of NO Boobie and we are doing fine!!

         Kylie x

Ps. don't forget our photo competition!!

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