Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mama Skirt Photo Competition!

Hi ya Lovelies :)

You would have all heard me mention about doing a photo competition involving my mama skirts.
Well here are the details....

I am seeking some nice pics of you...REAL...LOVELY...SEXY Mama's wearing your mama skirts.
You can do them staged in a certain artistic style or just random candid craziness!
Edited or unedited.

ALL pics will be for usage on my page...my blogs and any other advertising or forms of media...
so in a nutshell I have the rights to use them as I see fit.
 (please note...I have the utmost respect for you all and would never abuse you or your photo's!)

The person I deem the Winner is set to win themselves or a lucky recipient of their choosing a custom Mama Skirt and free registered postage. Total value $61.

You will also somewhat become the face of 1 ruby road mama wear!

Please think this over as to if you are happy to see yourself in an occasional ad, blog post or logo.

I know there are a few Mama skirts getting around  but there are still a lot of you that haven't been able to purchase one yet.... So you are not going to miss out either.
I would like to see the poses you WOULD do and the places you'd take your mama if you owned one.
Serious.. or better still just down right ridiculously funny photos will only be accepted! ;)
(Please put a little blurb of what you are doing or would be doing in your mama so we know what you are trying to express!)

These I might put on my page as an album for everyone to vote on....

The Fair winner (or if it gets Nasty....please ladies play nicely!) the person I deem to be the fair winner will also nab themselves a custom mama skirt and free registered postage ($61 value!)

all valid entries (the ones that put a little thought into it) will also receive a vintage coaster to rest their cup of tea on.

So please get snapping and send your entries to convo_1rubyroad@yahoo.com

Let's give it a solid month to do it in and draw this little competition on Friday 3rd of Feb 2012.
*At what ever time my children allow! All winners will be posted on the blog and notified via email.


Kylie  x


  1. Oh i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo in on this one lovely xoxoxoox

  2. I hope it works out! I think it's a win ~ win for everyone! x

  3. Oh i dont own a mama skirt yet, but have been eying them up since the first one you modeled for us all to see. They are simply GORGEOUS. I live a pretty quiet life sitting in my house, so i might have to think about where i would go to show off a goregous mama skirt. hmm....

  4. Hehe Sarah, your life sounds like mine!! I wear mine everywhere and anywhere! With wedges and thongs!
    They are so comfy......especially on days where your bloated because they sit above your bloat!! ;)
    Although I must admit that wearing certain ones (I have a few) it doesn't seem right not to smear on a bit of red lippy before heading out the door. It would be unlady like not too!!! Chuckle, chuckle!!