Friday, January 13, 2012

Whats that smell???

Hello Lovelies,

I rr shenanigans!

Miss 4 says "Mummy, Mummy, come quick, come quick"!!
She grabs my arm and yanks me to the pantry.
"Mummy, Daddy's done a fart in the cupboard and shut the door"!!
I open the door and take a whiff...Yes, YES it does smell like dads farts!!!
We begin to rip apart everything looking for the culprit......potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, a pumpkin.....

The smell still doesn't get any better throughout the day....
We tell daddy that the pantry smells like farts....his farts! when he gets home from work.
He go's on the search looking for the culprit too.....all the while denying his farts smell like that!!!
He lifts up one of 2 egg cartons in the cupboard....nope number 1's all good,
number 2 is a little bit suss!
He carefully pulls out each egg one by one and takes a whiff.....nope, nope, nope, nope.....
Oh hang on...Sarannah is this the smell you can smell???
YES!!!!!!'s a smelly egg fart she yells!!!

Bahahahahahahaha.......apparently daddy's farts smell like rotten eggs!

Daddy carefully carries the stinky fart egg outside (so it doesn't explode) and Sarannah and him throw it over the fence into the spare paddock like it's a bomb!

Just another day here at 1rr HQ...
Love my kids...they are solid gold!
Just wanted to document a little story that totally made my day, something I can look back on with find memories.

Hope you all have a Fab Friday!!!

        Ky xx

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