Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey Ya Lovelies,

I have been busy working on a bunch of orders that were delayed due to me catching the worst cold I have had since forever! I guess I can't complain....I did teach my darling girls to share! :/

So ALL mama's are done....YAY!
Now just to sew up the Xmas dresses that have been cut (size 5's and 6's)
and get to the smaller sizes to be sent on Wednesday afternoon at the latest (all going to plan!)

Then i can focus on wedding sewing!
I wrote a list of things to do and it was HUGE! Eeeeeeek......and it's only 3 and a bit weeks out!

Wedding progress report...

Got my dress from Fabled and True....and it is DEVINE! And looks so cute with my old wedding shoes....BONUS!
 I have to take it in an inch...I think I lost a little bit of weight while sick :/
Or I could just eat heaps of chocolate??

Hubby received his ebay vintage hounds tooth vest and vintage old man pants ;)
Just got to find the perfect shirt!!

I did manage to make a start on my decorations

Vintage CLEAN handkerchiefs now a cute bunting! I have another 18 meters of these to sew!!

And the girls dresses, accessories, napkins, fabric flower bouquet, birdcage veil, platters, candles.....
Oh lord I think I'll stop there before I give myself heart failure!!

Another little bit of excitement is I got some new ink!
I completed my wrist tattoo (3 years after starting it!)

It now has Miss Addisyns name and my wedding date and wedding bell.  Hopefully it will blend better after it heals or I'll have to go over the old tattoo
(It looks like it is going up my whole arm here but it's only on my wrist)


This Bow is on my elbow.....and yes it did hurt and took longer than my last 2 labours!!! Lucky I'm tough ;)
I think that's all I have to share with you ATM

Kylie xx

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