Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello Lovelies!!!

Long time no see....on a Large screen anyway!! hehe

So I'm off the very awesome iPhone 4 and back to a PC! Yay.... thank you Mr 1 ruby road xxx
(he's So wonderful! *gush!)

So a lots been happening here at 1 rr HQ since my last post....forever ago!

Just a quick re cap...

started spring little girls collection.....lost my sewjo.....made myself a upcycled clutch and skirt (now known as Mama skirt!) showed facey my skirt.....BAM.....skirts went NUTS!
Spring collection sat there! :/

Then...a week or 2 later...

BROKE wrist playing a game I was quite good at......10 years ago!! Poo!
things were horrible and i was a bit hard to live with....couldn't even do up my own bra let alone sew :(
On the mend, well and truly my dreams of ever becoming an Olympic gymnast some day are do i know?? I tried a possible drunken cartwheel in the dark Sat night (hubbys 30th) silly i know but in my defence I had glow sticks tied to me that i thought would give me super powers!!!! ;)

while layed up I was also feeling pretty loved up.... mainly due to listening to this song by Adele over and over and over and over!!!

So decided some pretty radical things are happening in Mr 1rr's and my life ATM ....
turning 30...
moving away from friends and family...Mr 1rr embarking on the steep and arduous climb up the coca cola corporate ladder!....
Me deciding that my womb was retiring...(Mr 1rr was very sad!) no harm in practising for old time sake though!...
my last surviving Nana passing....
Addy turning more babies going to be living at 1 rr again :(
My little venture, 1rr being pretty successful.... all little ol me can handle anyways!...
and our 6th wedding anniversary.....

That also happens to fall on a Saturday again....(we got hitched on a Sat)
So I though hang it.....I want to celebrate the next faze in our lives and celebrate our friends and family because life is TOO short!

let the joint 30th birthday (secret wedding vow renewal) planing begin! Keeping in mind that I LOVE anything 40s, vintage and DIY  so that is our theme!!!.....

We told all our nearest and dearest (who we could think of and are still adding to our list ;/)
to keep the date free as we were having a partay!
got these lovely invites made up.....
(not our details of course!)

by idoityourself....madeit store found here
telling everyone our little secret!
They worked out amazing and we've have had the best comments!

next i got an amazing designer Jaye from fabled and true on the job making me my gorgeous dress...
you can find the facebook page here
and here is a shorter version of what i'm having!
All I can say is Sqeeeeeeeeeel!

then  on to the cake....
made by local maryborough (qld) facebook business sweet lip sensation... find them here
minus the cake topper that I will of course make! ;)
guess how much??
100 dollars! Yes that's right! white choc mud top with choc mud base.....Nom Nom Nom!

next was off to the local op shops and flea markets to find mis-matched crockery and cutlery (and the occasional hot cinnamon donut!)
here's is a pic of my first outing.....there's HEAPS more UN-photographed!

Love Love Love!

here's what our tables will look like
I am lucky enough to own several hand crocheted cloths that I will dye or put a coloured cloth under

here's where the ceremony will be held...
with this view!


I think that's enough secrets for now!!!

more later ;)

don't forget our market night for 7+ mama skirts and half a dozen little girls dresses will be up for grabs this Sunday night the 30th October at 8pm Qld time!

Love Kylie xx

ps...thanks for my 1st birthday wishes! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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