Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Hey Lovelies,

Have been rather fat lately......
So while shopping today I thought I should buy a home pregnancy test.....just to see if the extra few kg is due to a sneaky little bean growing in my spare tyre!
I could be sneaky pregnant......I have Very Irregular haven't had any "visitors" for nearly 3 years!! (pregnancy and breastfeeding WOOP WOOP!!) So now I have been weaning Addi right down to only 1 feed p/d I guess my fertility may have crept back un-noticed??!

The reason I would jump to the pregnancy conclusion is because anyone who reads my status updates most nights would know I love Dessert!! Usually in the form of a whole block of chocolate...of the rocky road variety or a yummy cheesecake or my go pie or crumble (i'm not fussy) and custard!! Nom Nom!!

Surely it is not the before mentioned yumminess that could be the creators of my new spare tyre, tuck shop arms, dimply thighs and wobbly bum (Or so my kids tell me!)
I have eaten Nom Nom's almost every night for as long as I can remember....SURELY now I'm almost 30 they haven't decided to NOT be my friends anymore and make me the Michelin woman!! NO....I'd rather think I have a little sneaky bean!!

Hubby is even worried about my puffyness....or not because he likes sneaky he does not have to grow and then give birth to them!!!

I rang my mum and she said I am probably full of wind and just have a confused fart!! Thanks Mum!!

I think I'll ponder this for a few more days (and see if my confused fart sorts itself out) before I buy a $15 test.....that could be 3 bars of rocky road!! hehe

You all do this right??!! ;)

Kylie xx


  1. Amen, sister!!! Lol

    I had noticed that I was feeling overly 'plumper' than usual recently, and thought "Surely if would have NOTHING to do with my gorgeous EXECUTIVE CHEF HUSBAND AND HIS ULTRA CREAMY RISOTTOS AND HOMEMADE COOKIES & CREAM CHESSECAKES he feeds me constantly". My recent trip to the docs for a routine check up showed that I have gained almost 2 stone in just over 1yr of marriage!! Yes, I was starving myself & working out to get into that white dress in the first place, but still - 10 kilos in a year?!?!?!?!?! Are all those creamy & sweet 'best friends' of mine not liking to hang out with me anymore now that I'm approaching 35?!?!

    At least you have the sneaky bean to consider as a cause hun.. hubby's snip years back doesn't allow that fall back plan for me!!!

    Now, where are those Tim Tams.......

    Little Miss Fascinated xx

  2. So did you find the reasoning behind your 'puffiness' kylie?

  3. Yeah Kirra,

    It was hormones.....
    I finally got my fertility back 2 weeks ago so that was the reason for the bloating. I was glad to see my "visitors" actually, almost three years since I'd seen them last so it's good to keep track of if there's sneaky beans or not now!!! Bahahaha