Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today is a new day!!!

Hey Lovelies,

After a rather large dip in my mood yesterday....I have woken with a new perspective, thanks in large part to you lovely ladies and a visit from my mum.
It has been a little challenging moving away from all my family and friends so to have her here was awesome!

Also a long walk along this beach

With the people that mean the most to me went a long way to helping me decide about the growing my business debacle.

So I have decided I like they way my business is evolving.....Yes there is a BUT! hehe
I have also decided  1 ruby road is in need of a little face lift.

Stage 1.....some nice, proper photography pics of my new spring designs...either by me (if I am feeling confident and if I ever uncover my camera from the dozen boxes I have yet to unpack) or professional??
*ANY tips on photo editing are very much appreciated!

Stage 2....Facebook makeover...finally a welcome page with links to my blog and store

Stage 3..... possibly a little sprucing of this blog to make it look a little better and more user friendly.. with      links to my bigcartel and madeit. It will make it easier for you all to navigate around here too :)

Stage 4....To get some different woven labels

Stage 5.... work some more on a charity idea I have for 1 ruby road

Stage 6.... possibly attend some markets if I feel I can handle it!

These are my goals.....I am going to try and get through all of them as best I can mentally and like most of the WAHM's out there I'm sure, I don't make much money from 1 RR...... Actually it owes me!
So if you have any advice, tips or know of people that I may be able to get to help (that don't charge like a wounded bull!!)  it would be much appreciated!

And Finally....
I will be adding my creations as they become available (ie. hot off the sewing machine needle)and will try to offer as many custom slots as I can handle.......

But you've seen the beach I live on......
I'd rather be playing there with my kids and VERY understanding husband on the weekends rather than slaving over my sewing machines!!!

Big Love to you all

Kylie  xx

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