Saturday, August 20, 2011


Morning Everyone :D

I have been busy cleaning 1000 tiny hand prints off my walls, windows, mirrors and doors today and got to thinking.......
1 ruby road turns 1 at the end of October and where is it heading??

(sorry in advance....for my analogy on streets!)
The small lane way which is 1 ruby road has grown more into a busy little street and has even developed a few hairpins bends along the way! (hehe)
But as most things it life it has also developed a cross road :/

I think it was under construction in April/May when I had my 1st market and then 3 weeks off....
The directions it could take are turn left back into a side ally hidden away OR
turn right onto a highway.....where there's Fast moving traffic and semi trailers!

I am stuck!

If I go left....which is where my head space is half the time......because I feel like I have not only just lost my sewjo....but my drive...and dare I say passion??

If I go right....I have to jump back on that work horse (and spend far to many hours on FB)  and PUSH...PUSH...PUSH..(which is hard for me as I am a Very quiet achiever) Also I have to step things up and spend quite A Lot of $$ to brand 1 ruby road properly and make sure it has all the bells and whistles a small business requires!

I wish I wasn't a Gemini.....can never decide!

I see other businesses that were established well after 1 ruby road surging ahead....and I can't help but feel left behind sometimes....
And on the other hand I think the less I'm noticed the less likely I am to be bought into the chaos that is facebook and the less orders I have to stress about!  ;)

As I read this back It sounds rather depressing!
Maybe that's it??
With the turmoil that has been going on in the last few months here maybe I've built a nice little rut and am finding it hard to pull myself out of or maybe from time to time I  see a black dog following me?

I don't know?!

I'd LOVE to hear from other small /hobby businesses about making the decision to turn their Hobby into a thriving little WAHM business.

Sorry this post isn't funny or witty and is just ramblings really......but I have no one else to talk to :)

Yours Faithfully

Kylie xx

And a big thank you to those 1 ruby road supporters that keep coming back.....even if not to purchase but to pop in and say Hi....and give me a pat on the back or advice when I need it most! Big <3 to you!!

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  1. I quite like your analogy...I can truly picture where you are at. My daughter and I follow lots of pages with oh so delightful dresses for my beautiful grandbabies...and I see so many facing the same dilemma you are. I see what started out as joyfully designing and creating while sharing the little ones fantastic journey...slowly becoming a chore, a task as they get bogged down with reproducing more of the same instead of creating, more and more admin instead of time to do what they love, and that horrible questioning of why they are being "left behind". Methinks it is time to really think about what it is you be a wahm who gets to share your little ones "zest for life" while loving the opportunity to design and create (and hopefully make some income). Or do you want to grow your business...which means more hours, more push, satifying more customers,... As a customer I actually prefer the smaller, fresher designers where everything is still created with love!!!

    And I have to say I love your designs, fabrics and colour choices. Good luck deciding on your journey...