Thursday, August 25, 2011

I LOVE Vinnies!!


Just wanted to share with you my newest little selfish sewing adventure!! hehe

I have been VERY inspired lately by vintage and upcycling this has been bough on due to my little visit to a local shop called "from little vintage"( who can be found on facebook HERE)  the other week .....
the whole shop is dedicated to vintage and local designers who use upcycled materials....SO CUTE!

(I nabbed myself this little handmade 50's dress that I am  madly in LOVE with from little vintage)

I have also been asked to do a collection for the shop...which is SUPER exciting for me!!!!! :D :D :D


I have been visiting local antique shops and a couple of vinnies (which I need to add that I think the vinnies workers are on to us upcyclers as I spent more $$ there than at spotlight! :/)

I had some lovely finds

Including these!!

Which I didn't buy but they are in my dreams every single night so if they are still there I think the first one needs to come home with me!

I also found this yesterday...
a linen napkin/place mat/?? thingy!

Which I thought was rather chic and unique....
and thought it would look SUPER cute as a clutch! Which I don't have....that's where the selfish sewing comes in!

This is what I came up with when the girls went to bed last night!


Holds 6 cards

A section for your notes and or phone

Magnetic clasps
cotton lining (from an only night shirt!)
wadding which I quilted with the cotton
so it's nice and stiff but still soft <3

 All sewen together

I am rather pleased with myself!!
a true One Of A Kind!!!
I want to keep it for myself but I know my vegan...recycling aholic sister in law would love it for her birthday next month too....
we'll have to see who ends up with it ;)

Hope I have inspired you to raid your mum's or Nana's linen closets or to drop into your local charity shop!

Kylie xx

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  1. thats awesome Kylie! I only use upcycled fabric on my projects to save the earth, but its amazing some of the prints/patterns/designs you can find though! True treasures!