Monday, October 15, 2012

Long time no speak

Good morning lovelies!

A Lot has happened since my last post!!!
To much to go into great detail over except to reiterate... GET REGULAR PAP SMEARS!!!
(and make sure you don't have your nickers in your dress!!)  ;)

I did previously make a vow to you all to keep my blog updates more regular...
didn't do very well did I?!! :/

Most of us handmaidens that use facebook as a selling and communication tool will be telling you of the changes to facebook, and the detriment it's having to us all. So I have promised myself I will not let my little 1 ruby road disappear into oblivion nor will I let my fellow business/hobbyists either!
I plan to blog a minimum of twice per week...
Some post will be business related, Some will be showcasing other businesses....
And some will be about me, my family life and goings on!... after all I am the queen of the over share! ;)

I plan to be doing tutes for you all on various things....
having guest tutorials and appearances also.

I hope to be sharing PLENTY of DIY tutorials for around the home soon....
as we have just negotiated the purchase of our first home! SCARY and exciting!!!
It's a fixer upper so there will be plenty of topics for me to be talking about! Eeeek!

I have also been waiting to launch our next mama skirt photo competition. I have just linked a subscribe button to my facebook page HERE so if you subscribe there will be more details regarding that emailed SOON!

So here's to the next stage in my little humble life...
hope you come along for the ride with us by subscribing to us via email and our blog!!

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