Friday, November 30, 2012


Afternoon M'dears

I have been away from facebook most of this week getting orders finished up and in the post, I'm hoping to have the rest posted out by next Thursday (at the latest!)

I have had so much fun sewing with the latest mama skirt fabrics...
so summery!

Here's a pic of some of the skirts that left for their new homes yesterday.

Aren't they pretty!!!
I was tempted to keep the one in the middle ;)
i've also sewn up OVER 150 little hand quilted coasters in the last 2 weeks! Whoa!!

I've also been giving our blog a spring clean/face lift! Hope you like it! It only took me 12hrs! ;)

We added to our brood 2 weeks ago....
Here name is Lou~Lou and she is such a JOY!

Lou~Lou was a rescue kitty from the dump! Our girls wonderful/fantastic/special family daycare educators looked after her and hand fed her for the first 8 weeks of her life!
Below is a pic of Lou~Lou before her eyes and ears opened...awww!

Best get back to it, I have a hot date with a sewing machine and my order book.... then searching for a sugar free cake recipe for miss 11's, 12th Birthday this Sunday!.....Oh and maybe think about making a  start on organising and  packing for our move on the 21st! Eeeek!

Ps...Any sugar free cake recipies would be appreciated...just link me in the comments! TIA xx



  1. Hey there. My name is leonora and I'm a graphic designer. My artwork "I make pretty things all day" is up on your blog in your side bar. Please remove immediately. Thank you

    1. Hi Leonora,
      All fixed! Sorry!!
      I found your image floating around the web somewhere.
      Do you have a blog or website? I really like your style!