Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi there everyone!

I have been thinking of doing a blog for longer than I can remember now....and those of you who know me through my facebook ramblings would know that I'm NO computer whiz at all!!

So I have been tinkering (we'll sweating if I'm going to be honest!) for the past few days trying to set one up. I would love to say I just threw it together (like one of my little dresses!) but this was NOT the case! I have spent more hours than I dare mention just getting it to this stage! I need to give a special mention to Janet from Sookyboo Designs for helping me get this far too.

The idea for setting up a blog is so I can keep you all up to date with things...share pics/comps and even GiveAways (goody goody gumdrops!) without clogging your news feeds and without breaking any facebook rules!

As you all know I am a mummy to 4 girls aged 10,8,4 and 21months...I LOVE being a mum! My girls breathe life into my soul and I know it sounds corny but they really are my reason for living a fulfilling life!
On here I'll probably talk about them a fair bit too...I can't help it.....proud mummy syndrome I think! hehe
I'm also a breastfeeding mama so I'll probably rave a bit about my ups and downs with that too from time to time (sorry but I have no one else to talk to or ask advice from!)
I also encourage you mummies out there to leave me comments...more like conversations...I love talking to you all....I live behind my sewing machine or computer too many hours per day so you are my adult conversation! ;)

So here go' blog in progress! I hope it is easy to navigate....and doesn't look to (for a better word) Crappy! As I mentioned I am still learning!

Love Kylie

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